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Simple, yet flexible and completely FREE software for your need.

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Just two steps, it is up to you:

1. Left click on systray icon and the image is saved.

2. Right click -> pictures, to open the screenshot folder.

I like the simplicity of the Free Screen Capture, and the useful shortcuts.

James H. - MwM Design Team

One click screenshot!

Take screenshots by pressing the icon in system tray. Quick change of settings. Option to run at startup.

Display selector support.

Select the Display you want to take the fast screenshot of. The program knows how many Displays are connected to your PC.

Selectable window.

When you work with more window open, you don't need to be sure that the window you want to take screenshot, to be on top.

PrtScn keyboard button.

Use your print screen button on your keyboard, to save the desired screenshot image into a pre-selected folder.

File name prefix.

Set a custom prefix name for your filenames, to customize them.

Multiple file formats.

Preset the file format you need at saving the screen capture: jpg, gif, png, bmp, tif.

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